Que feriez-vous avec une carte-cadeau de 2 500 $ ? Remeublez la chambre de votre bébé et y ajoutez de formidables jouets. Offrez à votre bébé une nouvelle garde-robe qui lui ira à ravir. Achetez cette toute nouvelle poussette haut de gamme. Ou offrez-vous cet accessoire indispensable, le sac à couches très tendance qui vous a tapé dans l’œil. Les possibilités sont infinies !

Une personne chanceuse au Canada pourra gagner une virée de magasinage de
2 500 $ en remplissant le bulletin de participation. Le concours se termine le 21 décembre 2017. Consultez les règles et règlements du concours pour les détails complets. Bonne chance et bon magasinage.

  • Phillip Howard

    new mom

  • Michelle Ossibens

    this would be nice to win, I would split it up for all my children can’t spoil one

  • Angela Munroe

    momma of 9 and just moved across canada this would be amazing and so much needed right now … good luck everyone

  • Melanie

    this would be nice … would help out with all the things i need for the new babys comming

  • Clarissa Bennett

    this would be a blessing. GoodLuck to all

    • Clarissa Bennett

      I would give her the room she needs <3

  • Julie

    I definitely could use it for my growing little girl ❤❤❤❤

  • kit

    Would love to spoil my 1st grand baby. she’s my angel and the love of my life


  • Mistie Skinner

    I could defently use this been in shelters and have 9 year old daughter. I’m on assistance and hate it.

  • Crystal Herbert

    It would be great to have to know no matter how tight money is im able to buy my kids clothes

  • Jennifer Ann-Michelle Kudlak

    it would be so great to win. On child tax benefits only. Would be good to get my baby a stroller and clothes for my three kids.

  • Kay Amber Rubletz

    My due date is the same day the contest closes lol its a sign !!!! 😊😊

  • monster

    Me and my husband are both college students expecting our second child, our first is 4 and just started school. As everyone may know School isnt cheap. with the 2500$ we would be able to purchase some items for a new baby aswel as some new clothes and wear for our current son. This would also come in handy for visting our familys as we have both moved 4-6 hrs from our familys to pursue our future.!
    Good luck to all!! and thanks for the wonderful chance at this giveaway!!

  • Julia

    My boyfriend and I are new to the whole parenting thing we just got our first place and dont have a jobs at the moment if we had this money we would be able to get everything for our son that he needs it would be a lot easier to be able to know that all his needs will be dealt with for awhile until we can get jobs

  • angela

    my daughter in law is expecting my first grandchild and I wish I could help them out with all the things they need. My son and I are both laid off and money is tight

  • Julie Degroat

    Love to win

  • Melissa Dupuis

    Wouldn’t this be amazing!!!!!

  • Amber Michiels


  • Chalmers Shira

    would absolutely love to win this contest – it would be awesome

  • Julie Degroat

    No sob story just love to shop :o)

  • Gwen

    I entered on behalf of my son and daughter-in-law who are expecting in the fall. I’m sure that the money would come in handy for them.

  • neilsviv

    I would absolutely love to win this contest

  • thomas rusinak

    I can always use »pay bills » money!

  • Charlés Christal

    I would be so happy i am a mother of One and another on the way I’d spoil my baby’s with things they need from new beds to new wore drobe
    :) but good Luck to you all you mommas out There

  • Tasha MG

    Being a single Mom & wanting only the best for my Child. This $ would allow me to buy her some new Clothes, Toys etc…
    Good luck Mommys! :)

  • Shelbey Hearn

    new mom to a sweet little surprise, prepping for a baby thats already here is an absolute nightmare and hard hitting to the bank account,

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    Would love to win

  • Sehawn Zan

    This is awesome ! Great opportunity to get some stuff when times are hard!