• Mom & Baby’s Pillow

    1270 Herron Rd. Villa 201
    Dorval, QC H95 1B5
    Phone: 5143139190

  • Naturino Store

    1325 Greene Ave.
    Montreal, QC H3Z ZAH
    Phone: 5149390363
    Email: mailto:info.naturino.toronto@falccanada.biz

    Naturino is the first “real” shoes for baby when he or she starts walking. The “Sand Effect” system guarantees just the right stability to let your child move freely. A full range of sizes that grow with your child: To meet the needs of growing feet, our Junior Line offers a wider range of sizes through to 38, models are very feminine for the girls and sporting for the boys!

  • Nettoyage A Sec Le Marquis

    1723 Poirier St.
    Montreal, QC H4L 1J4
    Phone: 5147475688
    Email: liemqb@hotmail.com

  • O K Kids

    270 Benjamen Hudon
    St. Laurent, QC H4N 1J4
    Phone: 5143325437
    Email: web@okkids.com

    OK KIprovides for everyone’s needs. Caring grandparents and young families come to shop in our stores because they always find good quality at better prices every day.There is over 600 variety of styles and our collection is renewed on a regular basis. Our “one price for the whole set” policy really sets us apart. It makes it easy and affordable to dress every child from 0 to 12.

  • Ovo Biosurance

    8000 Boul. D??Carie Bureau 600
    Montreal, QC H4P 2S4
    Phone: 5147982000
    Email: message@cliniqueovo.com

    OVO CLINIQUE vous offre différents services dont OVO BIOSURANCE, une banque de cellules souches de cordon ombilical, qui est une chance unique de préserver la santé de votre enfant. Ces cellules souches peuvent aider le corps à  guérir et à  se régénérer après un traumatisme ou une maladie. Pour de plus amples informations ou recevoir notre brochure, contactez-nous.

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