12 Money Saving Tips for Frugal Mommies

12 Money Saving Tips for Frugal Mommies

Limit Your Luxuries

The first and most obvious way to save money is to stop spending on things you do not actually need. A luxury doesn’t have to be gold plated to be non essential. No matter your lifestyle, there are always things that you can do without in order to have more money for your kids. Many couples find that becoming parents changes their priorities so much that they are no longer interested in a lot of the more expensive activities they enjoyed before kids. One common example of giving up a mini luxury is making lunch at home instead of it buying at work. This tip is about sacrificing tiny conveniences for long term financial peace of mind.

Borrow Before Buying

Here’s something lots of new moms forget: you do not need to buy everything. Even better, the best way to save money is not to spend any. Whether it’s asking family members for their older baby stuff (clothes, toys, whatever they’re willing to give) or trading with friends the sharing or underground economy is a great place for moms on a budget. Be more open to accepting charity when money gets tight by finding situations where you end up with the same product without actually making a purchase.

Get Cooking

No matter what stage you’re at in life it always costs less to cook at home than to go out to eat. This should be really obvious to moms because going to restaurants with babies is way worse than cooking. This tip applies to more than just meals. Depending on how much time you have to cook or money you’re looking to save there are recipes for everything, from cereal bars to baby food.

Look For Year Old Models and End Of Season Sales

Do not be a slave to retail seasons. Prices always drop when most people are not about to need something. Just because you aren’t about to need something doesn’t mean you won’t need it eventually. There’s nothing wrong with scoping out a great deal on baby winter coats in May or grabbing bathing suits while it’s snowing. Also, there tends to be very minimal changes to the same product year over year. Stores will often carry perfectly good 2015s when the 2016s are just coming out. There are some cases where the newest version is best but the vast majority of the time you’ll be getting a remarkably similar item at a fraction of the cost. Knowing that you are going to purchase something means you should do it as soon as possible to make sure you actually get it and can save the most money.

Avoid Big Brands

Big brands don’t get to be big brands without charging brand name prices. Most smaller or lesser known brands are just as good if not better. And, most of the time you’re paying for name recognition instead of product quality. Do your research and get familiar with some secondary brands, you’ll be able to save tons of money on clothes for toddlers, pharmaceuticals and shelf staple groceries.

Make Your Own Toys

Ever notice how kids can have fun with whatever happens to be around them? They absolutely can and knowing this makes it even sillier to spend lots of money on elaborate baby toys your kids will likely grow out of in the near future. Save money and encourage your kids’ imaginations by having them make their own toys and games. There’s nothing like having a game that only you can play with your kids. I’d recommend this one even if money was not an issue.

Start Gardening

A garden can give you cheaper fruits, vegetables, and spices than any store, while also providing you and your family with a productive activity you can do together for years. In some cases, gardens are an investment, but they always yield returns. If not in vegetables, in quality time, as it structures jobs for the family to accomplish as a unit or provides an excuse for individuals to take time for themselves by quietly working outside.

Shop in Bulk

If aliens do get to earth, it will probably take some time to explain to them that a universal truth in human shopping is that if you buy more of something, it will cost proportionally less. This is so gloriously counterintuitive that it has become common knowledge.  If an item doesn’t go bad and you’ll need more than one, buy two, or as many as it takes to get that coveted volume discount. Shopping in bulk will also cut down on your time at the store so you can spend more of it at home with your family. This is a long way of saying new Canadian moms looking to save money should get Costco memberships.

Cut Sponges in Two

Sponges are too big. Seriously you never need that much sponge. Cut all of your sponges in half and double your reserve supply without sacrificing any cleaning power. This gives most people with mom sized hands a better grip to attack tough stains and the strength to get rid of them thanks to newfound money saving confidence.

Work Together

This one is so obvious, many new moms don’t think of it. Collaborate, or as Sam yelled to Frodo, “share the burden”. No matter where you are there will be someone else new to motherhood trying to navigate the whole raising kids thing on a budget. Whether you just end up emailing for emotional support or coordinate babysitting and split major purchases, there is always strength in numbers and motherhood is no different.

Rediscover The Library

Libraries are awesome. Forget the dreary florescent light headache inducing place you pretended to study at in high school and look at this palace of free media. Another way to say is that if you’re worried about entertaining kids and can’t spend money, take them to the library. Your kids will get excited about picking out books and movies while some libraries have reading groups that are also amazing ways to give kids an affordable cultural experience at a young age.

Search Before You Shop

Do your research. If saving money is a priority, do not make any purchase before first determining if there are better offers out there and if the product you’re buying best fits your needs. The time you spend on the computer (or wherever you research) will be well worth it when you aren’t going back to return something defective and expensive that made whatever problem you were trying to solve worse.