3 Tips for Saving Money On Baby Clothes

3 Tips for Saving Money On Baby Clothes

Aside from making diaper changing a game, the biggest misconception about motherhood inherited from a childhood of playing with dolls is that dressing your kid would be fun. Maybe if life sized baby clothes cost as much as the ones for my old Barbies it would be, but it’s hard to enjoy how cute my kids look in an outfit knowing that it costs more than a week’s worth of food and won’t even fit in a month. Don’t worry new moms, you can save money on baby clothes. Follow these 3 simple tips. They won’t make your kid stop squirming when it’s time to but on a shirt, blow their nose somewhere other than their sleeve, or from putting their socks in their mouth but they’ll take your mind of the financial side of baby clothes. Hopefully dressing up your baby will be as much fun as it was with dolls.

  1. Buy Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

I’m not trying to start any debate about sex vs gender, nature vs nature, or blue vs pink, this is all about wallet vs money. Some colours are associated or look better on boys and some do the same on girls. There are however, plenty of colours, like navy blue, white, black, green, and grey that look great on anyone. That list gets a lot bigger when you extend to baby friendly patterns like smiling animals, stars and suns with big eyes, or polka dots. This will save you unbelievable amounts of money on baby clothes especially if you have more than one baby. It’s been the basis of hand me downs for generations. How many clothes someone bought on sale when they were in a hurry have been given huge amounts of sentimental value because they were gender neutral and could be worn by every kid in the family? The answer is a lot. Even if you aren’t planning on having another kid after the one you’re shopping for, gender neutral clothes will help you save since they tend to have less designs, therefore wash a little better, and are on sale a bit more since companies make more things that all babies can wear instead of focusing on just half.


  1. Take Care Of The Baby Clothes You Buy

This one seems common sense but there’s a reason why no Barbie I ever played with came with a washing machine. Even the people who said, “We can make a doll that gets little girls excited to change diapers” took a pass when it came to making laundry fun. All that being said you’re a mom now so take care of your clothes and your baby’s. Taking care of baby clothes is really the most effective way to save on baby clothes. Babies will grow out of whatever you buy but there are always some items you’ll be able to keep for years, plus having things in good condition means you can decide when it’s time get new clothes around sales or your schedule instead of having to replace something that isn’t presentable right before a big family get together. So how do you save money on baby clothes by taking care of baby clothes? It starts with laundry. Use cold water whenever you can and dry by hanging if ever possible.  You’ll also want to treat stains right away and actually follow all those instructions in tiny print on shoeboxes that explains how the treatment works. This kind of thing might have seemed unnecessary before motherhood but trust me. They save you serious money on baby clothes.


  1. Remember Your 2 Year Old Has No Idea What Designer Baby Clothes Are

No new mom needs to be told how awesome their kid is. It’s that love that makes it so hard not to buy them everything. Of course you love your baby unconditionally. You want them to have the best but the best costs a lot more. Here’s the thing, there will be an age when kids will care about labels, on clothes or in society – no parent gets around dealing with labels eventually. This kind of thing doesn’t come until well after they start forming sentences. Until your baby can pronounce Nike, there is no reason for them to own something with a swoosh. There are some cases, probably more than I’d like to admit, where it pays to spend a bit more for something that will last a few seasons. When saving money on baby clothes is the goal, remember that especially in baby sizes, the difference between the name brand and the knock-off is very small in terms of garment quality. What new moms sometimes have a hard time internalizing is that any stigma around what is says on the label exists only in their mind and not their baby’s. Save the money now. Your kid will still look great and you can put what you saved on baby clothes toward nice outfits your kids will actually appreciate without growing out of in a few months.