Baby Clothes: 5 Ways to Keep Your Baby in Style and On a Budget

Baby Clothes: 5 Ways to Keep Your Baby in Style and On a Budget

All new moms want their kids to be stylish. You can only really dress them for so long and there’s something timelessly cute about babies in hats. As much as we’d all love to take our little ones shopping everyday, it’s even less practical to buy high quality baby clothes than designer brands for yourself, since one thing all babies do is grow. Baby clothes are notoriously temporary. For most people that makes caring about the fashion aspect of their baby’s wardrobe more of a luxury compared to things like warmth and comfort. Now having clothes that fit comfortably and keeping your baby safe are undoubtedly more important than having an outfit that looks great. The thing is, you don’t need to compromise. Follow these tips and your baby will have a ‘runway ready’ look without you spending any more than normal. Remember it’s very possible to afford a stylish baby wardrobe.

Retro is the Actual Retro (Borrow and Buy Used)

Right now the fashion world loves things that look old. Bad news for newborns but welcome for any mom looking to dress her child on a budget. Think a bit like a hipster. Save money on looking stylish by switching name brand items for older and cheaper items from thrift or second hand stores. Your baby will cultivate an ironic sense of cool from a young age plus you can use the money you save to buy them new things once they stop growing and will actually be able to pick out and appreciate their clothes.

Buy a Size Too Big

Save money on baby clothes by only buying certain things once. Grungy 90s looks are back in style. Baggy is stylish again so your baby can dress on trend in an outfit that will still fit them after a growth spurt. Also, this could just be me, but babies in things that are slightly too big for them is super cute! I’d probably make this a tip even if the fashion world was all about tight fitting clothes now. Babies are small and beautiful for it. Picking outfits that show off their lack of size highlights one of every baby’s most appealing physical attributes with the practical bonus of helping the parents save money on baby clothes.

Rent for “Album” Moments

Obviously the best way to save on baby clothes is not to buy baby clothes you don’t actually need. It’s tempting to splurge on clothes for special occasions. The whole family will see your baby and there will also be plenty of pictures. Resist the urge new mom! Think of how often adults reuse expensive clothes they buy for specific special occasions. Now take a good look at your baby’s social calendar. If they can actually use whatever dress or suit your thinking of buying again then go for it. Otherwise, renting something nicer than what you would have bought ensures your child will look great at the event and in pictures for a fraction of the cost of buying a new outfit.

You Need Fewer Shoes Than You Think You Do

Like baby clothes, baby shoes are expensive and are normally outgrown before they’re replaced from overuse. Technically, babies need one pair of shoes. Maybe boots as well depending on where you live. Most of the time baby shoes never touch the ground since babies tend to be carried to a vehicle, placed in a seat, and put in a stroller before being lifted back into the car. Nobody will ever call out a baby for not having appropriate footwear. I’m guilty of buying my kids more baby shoes than they needed. I think most parents are. We assume they get used far more often than they actually do. My advice is that if you’re looking to trim your baby clothing budget, start with shoes.

Avoid Buying in Advance

Lots of couples like to prepare for their newborn by purchasing as much as they can before the baby is actually born. Great advice when it comes to staples like cribs, bottles, and highchairs but not a good idea for clothes. Of course you’ll need a few things to make sure the baby has something to wear during their first few weeks! That said, couples that choose not to know the sex of the baby should pay particular attention to this rule. Logically it’s really hard to shop for someone that doesn’t exist yet. Though you’ll have an idea, you won’t know your baby’s size for sure until they are born so waiting to shop for clothes will save you money simply by avoiding waste. This goes triple for the baby’s sex. You also won’t know your baby’s habits before they’re born. Some kids spit up a lot and need more shirts, others go through pants or socks really fast. One of my daughters refused to wear the colour green for the first three years of her life. Though it’s tempting to do everything before the baby is born, it’s often more economical in the long run to wait. To save money on baby clothes, it’s best to have an actual baby to shop for.