How to Handle a Holiday Baby

How to Handle a Holiday Baby

Take the wonderful chaos that is the holiday season – and now imagine that doubled. Double the gifts, double the sweets, double the parties and double the planning. That’s what it’s like to have a holiday baby.

At first it may sound overwhelming but the truth is that having a December baby is a joy – some may even say that it’s a blessing in disguise. December babies mean an entire month filled with celebration and excitement and while that necessitates a certain amount of forethought, we’re here to give you some tips on how to rock birthdays and holidays when you’re mom to a holiday baby:

Labouring Over Christmas? Be in the Moment

It might be the most festive time of year but this is the year your baby is going to be born – and that deserves your undivided attention. Dress up the tree with a couple of bows, and if you’re really feeling festive, grab a gift for the soon-to-be dad and then forget about it. Your focus is required elsewhere. Instead of gift bags, focus on hospital bags. Instead of holiday music, fill your laptop or iPod with tunes that will relax you, calm you and ready you for the arrival of this year’s greatest gift. From now on, your memories of holiday time will include the day your December baby made an appearance and changed your life forever.

Slow Things (Way) Down

The holidays will come and go but your baby will only be little once. Put the holidays on hold while you capture your precious child’s transformation from tiny infant to cupcake smashing toddler. Revel in the sweetness of celebrating a milestone but remember that during your baby’s first couple of years, you’ll be far more excited (and stressed out) about their birthday than they will. So take it easy and keep the celebration small.

Plot the Separation

Your child’s birthday will always fall around the holidays but that doesn’t mean that the two need to blend. Make an effort to separate the celebrations! Consider scheduling a birthday party early on in the month before holiday parties get underway. Don’t wrap presents in anything red or green and avoid Christmas cards at all costs. And the golden rule? Never, ever, EVER, combine holiday and birthday gifts. They’ll never let you live it down.

Plan Ahead

Whatever you do, avoid leaving birthday planning to the very last minute. The holidays are a busy time for everyone, so pick a party date and send out an invitation ASAP. Start shopping for the perfect birthday present in November keeping in mind that double the fun also means double the cost. Plan for the extra spend and save accordingly in the months leading up to December.