Privacy Policy is owned and operated by Knowledge First Financial Inc. For purposes of this policy, a Knowledge First Financial Company or Knowledge First Financial refers, individually and collectively, to Knowledge First Foundation, Knowledge First Financial Inc. and any and all subsidiary and affiliated companies. When we refer to “we”, “us” or “our”, we are referring to Knowledge First Financial.

Knowledge First Financial recognizes our responsibility to protect the personal information that you provide to us. In brief, “personal information” is information that can be uniquely identified with you, such as your full name, address, e-mail address, phone number, due date, birthdates, and comments or inquiries you have made about our services.

Accordingly, Knowledge First Financial has developed an internal privacy policy for the website (Privacy Policy) which adheres to the principles set out in Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and similar provincial privacy legislation. The Privacy Policy provides direction and guidance to our staff on how to protect your personal information. Our desire is to have every interaction with you be of the highest quality so that you can be confident that we will treat you, and any information that you provide, according to our core values: honesty, integrity, dignity and respect. To help you understand how our Privacy Policy and privacy practices affect you, we are providing this Privacy Statement, which is a brief overview of the principles that are the cornerstones of our Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Statement applies to individuals we deal with only in Canada. Knowledge First Financial does not control the content or the privacy policies of third party on-line resources to which our web sites may provide links and this Privacy Statement does not, therefore, apply to any such resources.


Please CONTACT US if you have any questions about this Privacy Statement.

1. Accountability

At Knowledge First Financial, accountability for compliance with the privacy principles rests with our Chief Privacy Officer, even though other individuals may be responsibility for the day-to-day collection and processing of personal information about you. We provide training to our staff with respect to the Privacy Policy, this Privacy Statement and our privacy practices so that our employees know how to implement and comply with our Privacy Policy and this Privacy Statement. We will not share your personal information or use or disclose it for any purpose other than as directed by us or as permitted or required by law.

2. Identifying Purposes

Knowledge First Financial collects personal information for a variety of purposes relating to the operation of our business and the delivery of services to you. Unless required or permitted by law, we will not use or disclose, for any purpose other than as described in this Privacy statement or as otherwise communicated to you, the personal information that has been collected without first identifying and documenting that purpose and obtaining your consent.

3. Consent

Consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information may be given in various ways. Consent can be express (express consent may in writing or electronic), implied (such as when you provide your name and address in order for us to send you products or information you have requested). By providing us with your personal information, you give us express consent to our collection, use and disclosure of such information, including consent to be contacted for the purpose of discussing the information we have provided to you, as described in this Privacy Statement and in accordance with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and, in the case of contact by telephone, even if you have registered on the national Do Not Call List.

If you have provided us with personal information and wish to withdraw your consent to its retention, use or disclosure, please contact us.

4. Contact Us

Our Privacy Statement refers in various places to you contacting us in order to:
receive information or special offers;

  • receive a copy of the most current version of our Privacy Statement;
  • withdraw your consent to our retention, use or disclosure of your personal information;
  • access or correct your personal information; and,
  • communicate any questions, comments, or concerns about his Privacy Statement, the Privacy Policy or our privacy practices.

Any requests must be made in writing through one of the following means.

You may contact us by:

  • Writing to us at the following address:
    Knowledge First Financial
    Attention: Chief Privacy Officer
    50 Burnhamthorpe Road, West
    Suite 1000
    Mississauga, Ontario L5B 4A5
  • Faxing us at (877) 326-8724, attention Chief Privacy Officer
  • E-mailing us at

5. Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention

Limiting Use: Knowledge First Financial uses personal information about you only for the purposes for which it was collected.

Limiting Disclosure: Knowledge First Financial does not disclose your personal information other than as described in this Privacy Statement or otherwise with your consent, unless permitted or required by law.

Limiting Retention: Personal information will be retained only as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or in accordance with applicable laws and Knowledge First Financial’s retention policies.

6. Accuracy

Knowledge First Financial will strive to ensure that personal information is as accurate, complete and up-to-date. However we will not routinely update personal information. In general, we will rely upon you to provide accurate and complete information and to advise us if circumstances change over time. If you contact us with a request, we will take appropriate steps to update or correct the personal information in our possession that you have previously provided to us.

7. Safeguards

Personal information about you is protected by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Knowledge First Financial will take appropriate steps to ensure that personal information about you is protected from unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

Although we have enacted security measures, we cannot guarantee that security of any information that you submit via email or over the Internet. Submission of personal information using such networks is done at your own risk, since no Internet transmission is ever 100% secure or error-free (in particular, emails sent to or from our web sites may not be secure). You should take special care in deciding what information you send to us via email or posting on our web sites. Moreover, where you use passwords, ID numbers or other special access features on our web sites, it is your responsibility to safeguard them. Our web sites may contain links or references to other web sites to which this Privacy Statement does not apply. Knowledge First Financial is not responsible for the data collection and use practices of companies or organizations to which we may provide links. We encourage you to read the privacy statement/policy of every web site you visit.

8. Openness

Knowledge First Financial will respond to your requests when you contact us to provide you with more detailed information about our policy and practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information about you.

9. Individual Access

Please contact us in writing if you would like to request access or correction of your personal information. We may need to verify your identity before searching for or providing you with your personal information. We will respond to you within thirty (30) days after the written request for access or rectification has been received or will notify you during that period if a longer period is required by us in order to fully address your request, provided that an extension of such thirty (30) day period is permitted by applicable privacy laws. Requests are subject to some access exceptions as prescribed by law. Any exceptions to providing you with access to your personal information must be approved by the Chief Privacy Officer.

10. Challenging Compliance

At Knowledge First Financial, we want you to understand our commitment to privacy. Please contact us with any enquiry, request or complaint related to this Privacy Statement, our Privacy Policy or our privacy practices concerning personal information about you.

When you contact the Chief Privacy Officer, please let us know how you provided us with your personal information and particulars of the information. For example, please provide that name of the web site or other online resource to which you provided information if you provided it electronically, as well as the nature of the information that you provided.

This Privacy Statement and the Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. Notice of changes to this Privacy Statement or the Privacy Policy that affect you will be posted at this site.

This Privacy Statement was last updated on September 1, 2015.