• Belly To Baby Prenatal Education

    104-2000 Panorama Drive
    Port Moody, BC V3H 5J5
    Phone: 6044692698
    Email: bellytobaby@shaw.ca

    Giving birth is a powerful, life changing experience for women and their loved ones. Whether it is vaginally or via C-section, birth is a rite of passage into motherhood. I believe it is vital to ate a comforting birth space whether you are in your own home or at the hospital. The use of music, aromatherapy and surrounding yourself with support of loved ones are just some of the ways in .

  • Joy Prenatal & Postnatal Massage Therapy

    409 - 2150 West Broadway
    Vancouver, BC V6K 4L9
    Phone: 6047385569
    Email: info@joymassagetherapy.com

    Extended medical plans often provide coverage for registered massage therapy.

    Our massage therapists are BC registered and have been trained to assess pregnancy related conditions and provide massage treatments specific to pre and postnatal needs

  • La Leche League Canada

    12050 Main St. West Po Box 700
    Winchester, BC K02 2K0
    Phone: 6137741842
    Email: OFM@LLLC.CA