• Captured By Kristin Newborn Photography

    12 Greenwich Drive
    Guelph, ON N1H 8B8
    Phone: 5192309957
    Email: info@capturedbykristin.ca

  • Heirloom Photography

    86 Manitoba Drive Suite 206
    Clarenceville, ON A5A 1K7
    Phone: 7094276274
    Email: heirloomphotography@netscape.net

    Heirloom Photography specializes in unique styles of photography. Services include wedding, baby, family, graduation, maternity, etc. Clarenville, Newfoundland

  • Helen Tansey

    123 Jefferson Ave.
    Toronto, ON M6K 3E4
    Phone: 416-504-5130
    Email: helen@sundariphotography.com

    As one of North America’s most dynamic portrait photographers,Toronto’s Helen Tansey has worked with many celebrated actors,entertainers and authors. Now this ative talent is expanding her repertoire to include the photography of pregnant women. These photographs are extremely precious for they are a permanent archive of a fleeting and beautiful time something they can cherish forever.

  • I C I Paris Skin Care Clinic & Spa

    370 Danforth Ave.
    Toronto, ON M4K 1N8
    Phone: 4164611774
    Email: skincare@iciparis.ca

    The success of Ici Paris is based on our team of highly educated, mostly European-trained estheticians, whose knowledge and experience have earned them the highest regard of their clients. Our customer service staff combines diverse bacrounds of hospitality industry and other professional fields.

  • K B Photography

    48 Ravina Ave.
    Garson, ON P3L 1C3
    Phone: 7056930166
    Email: kevinb@vianet.ca

    Finding something interesting in the ordinary. That’s my philosophy. That’s how I approach my photography.

    My love for photography began in 1997, after the birth of my beautiful daughter. As my passion grew, so did my dreams of turning it into a business one day. My primary focus is photographing weddings. The day is filled with so much love, beauty and emotion – it’s a photographer’s dream.