• Uniprix Kalfane

    3131 Chemin Cote Vertu
    Montreal, QC H4R 1Y8
    Phone: 5143321462

  • Vivian Doan

    4309 Christophe-Colomb Ave.
    Montreal, QC H2J 3G2
    Phone: 5147990950
    Email: viv.doan@gmail.com

    An engaging and generous spirit, Vivian is an expert at making people feel comfortable. One hardly notices that there is a camera on hand for there is always plenty of conversation and good spirits. Nary a flash in sight, there are no intrusive lighting set-ups or intimidating gadgets. She uses natural lighting because it reveals life at its most authentic.

  • Vogel L’Alternative Naturelle

    2305 Chemin Rockland
    Ville Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3E9
    Phone: 5147393441